Sales Terms and Conditions


These general sale conditions are agreed upon between A.C. Cymbrom, S.A. with fiscal residence in Parque Dinis da Mota, 4, 9500-000 Ponta Delgada, Portugal, VAT number 512003637 with the phone contact +351 912 530 900, from now on designated“EASYRENT“ and the customers that wish to book items trough the website from now own referred to as “Users”

Both parties agree that payments made in the website will be regulated exclusively by the present terms excluding any other conditions previously featured on the website.


1. These general sale conditions aim to provide and define all the necessary information to the user regarding payment, ordering and providing services booked trough

2. These conditions regulate all the necessary steps to fulfil the purchase of services and ensure that the service will be delivered to the User


1. The User completes his booking trough the reservation form presented to him in, by selecting the vehicles and any extras required:

2. To send his reservations the user should complete all the necessary information and choose the provided options in the process (Address, invoice Address, payment form, Fiscal number and Fiscal name that should appear on the invoices)

3. The final booking submission by the user is the acceptance of the prices and description of the available services, and also of these general sale conditions that will be the only sale conditions applied to the contract.

4. EASYRENT will fulfil all online bookings. In the unlikely event that the service cannot be provided as agreed, EASYRENT will contact the USER

5. The user is responsible for the invoice data.

6. In the event that the payment is not received, your booking will not be guaranteed.


1. On website, EASYRENT gives the user the following payment methods via Easypay - Instituição de Pagamento Lda:

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard);
Multibanco Reference;

2. On the case of credit card payment, the debit will be charged on the user’s card immediately after the booking. If any of the booked services are not available, the value will be refunded.


A service will be available at the date requested by the customer after the payment has been received


1. All prices are in Euros, and local taxes are included

2. In the event of a price increase, the user will be notified and given the option to complete its booking by paying the extra amount or to cancel the booking.


Cancelation process and refunds are treated on a case by case basis by EASYRENT, the request should be written and sent to, prior to 48h before your reservation, further instructions will be given in a reply e-mail from EASYRENT.

When possible the refund will be made by the same payment method the USER used, in case this is not possible, the user should provide a payment confirmation document as well as provide proof of the ownership of the account that he wishes to be refunded at.

EASYRENT will refund the user in no more than 30 work days.


The treatment of your data is done according to the laws of personal data protection, The data will be subject to processing and will be store in EASYRENT’s database and are exclusively meant to the registration and fullfillment of the contracted services.

In the terms of the law the user has the right to access, change and delete any data that belongs directly to him, personally, ou by written request, sent directly to the EASYRENT e-mail

Rental Terms and Conditions

A.C. Cymbron, S.A. rents the vehicle described in the contract to the Client, in the exact terms detailed in this document. By signing the contract the client acknowledges and accepts the Terms and conditions.

CLAUSE 1 USE OF THE VEHICLE 1. Subject to exclusion of the insurance´s coverage and, therefore, being considered as not insured, the Customer agrees not to allow the vehicle to be driven by a person or persons other than those identified and accepted by A.C. Cymbron, S.A. in the Agreement. 2. All persons and/or additional authorized drivers shall be jointly liable for all Customer obligations contained in this Agreement and the applicable laws. 3. Subject to not complying with the provisions of the first part of paragraph 1, the Customer undertakes also not to use the vehicle or not allow it to be used: a) For sports events, official or otherwise; b) By persons under the influence of alcohol and of narcotics; c) For any transportation that violates the customs regulations or in any way illegal.

CLAUSE 2 CONDITION OF THE VEHICLE AND TYRES 1. The Customer expressly declares that the vehicle was delivered in perfect functioning conditions, equipped with four tyres in good operating conditions, unless otherwise proved, and undertakes to return the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was delivered. 2. In case of deterioration of any of the tyres or wheel rims, the Customer is obliged to immediately replace, at their cost, the damaged tyre or wheel rim by a new tyre or wheel rim of the same brand and with the same characteristics, except in cases covered by insurance. 3. It is expressly forbidden to violate the odometer. In case of such violation, A.C. Cymbron, S.A. is henceforth authorized to charge the Customer the amount of 200,00€ (two hundred euros), without prejudice of a judicial procedure for fraudulent use.

CLAUSE 3 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR 1. The ordinary mechanic maintenance as a result of the regular use of the vehicle is carried out by A.C. Cymbron, S.A. 2. A.C. Cymbron, S.A. is not responsible for losses of time resulting from an accident or malfunction that may delay or interrupt the Customer’s holidays or trips.

CLAUSE 4 INSURANCE AND COVERAGE 1. The rental rates include the Mandatory and Optional Liability coverage for damages and losses against third parties as a result of the use and circulation of the vehicle. 2. The rental rates also include damages caused to the vehicle as a consequence of: a) Collision, shock and vehicle rollover - CDW; b) Theft or larceny; c) Accidental fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism or any of nature’s phenomenon. 3. The rental rates do not include, unless specifically indicated there is an optional added protection, designated Super Easy Pack, which contemplates the reduction of the Client Responsibility (SUPER CDW) and the following coverage: a) Protection of occupants – Death or Permanent Disability; b) Absolute Temporary Disability – Hospital internment; c) Expenses concerning treatment and funeral; d) Travel assistance; e) Juridical protection; f) Isolated glass breaking; g) Protection for damage on the tyres and rims – CPJ; 4. The protection referred on the previous nº can be contracted on the act of rental or at a previous moment at the act of rental booking. 5. The rental rates always contemplate a deductible for said damages for which the Customer is directly liable for. The said deductible has to be guaranteed by payment of the corresponding collateral. 6. The Protection shall be valid if the following conditions are always met: a) That the Customer, in case of collision, sends to A.C. Cymbron, S.A. within the time limit of forty-eight hours after the accident the complete information on the other party and possible witnesses, filling in an accident report called ‘Declaração Amigável de Acidente’ [Amicable Accident Declaration] — DAA — detailing the car plate registration number, the name and address of the other party, the circumstances in which the collision happened, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurance company and, whenever possible, the number of the insurance policy, all signed by the two drivers involved in the accident or, in case of not being possible, the ‘Accident Report’, to be made accessible by A.C.Cymbron, S.A.; b) That the insurance company does not reject the accident as a consequence of the driver not being in the physical and psychological conditions required by the ‘Código de Estrada’ [Road Traffic Regulations]; c) That the collision, theft, fire or vandalism have not taken place during an unauthorized use or by breaking any of the provisions herein; and d) That the Customer has informed A.C. Cymbron, S.A. of the collision, theft, fire or vandalism the vehicle was subject to in a time limit of forty-eight hours after it occurred, by providing the pertinent documentation (accident report, calling in the authorities, etc.) 6. These rental rates are assured and assumed by the insurance company with which A.C. Cymbron, S.A. has contracted the corresponding insurance policy and are subjected to the general and particular clauses and to the legislation in effect. 7. By signing with the rental contract, the Customer adheres himself to the aforementioned insurance policy, on which the general conditions are at his disposal at the rental station.

CLAUSE 5 FUEL 1. The vehicle is delivered with a tank full of fuel and should be returned also with a tank full of fuel. If the Customer does not fill up the tank when they return, they acknowledge A.C. Cymbron, S.A. the right to applicate the supplement reabasteciment service. 2. In case a different type of fuel than the vehicle’s type of fuel is used to fill up the tank, the Customer is responsible for the expenses involved in replacing the fuel, disassembling and cleansing the tank, fine-tuning the engine and other damages caused to the vehicle, without opposing what the expenses may amount to.

CLAUSE 6 PRICE OF RENTAL, SECURITY DEPOSIT AND EXTENSION OF RENTAL PERIOD 1. The price of rental is determined by the tariffs in use, and must be prepaid; it always includes extended insurance coverage, oil and the regular maintenance of the vehicle. 2. A charge to the Customer’s credit card shall be made when of the vehicle’s delivery. 3. The security deposit shall not be used to cover an extension of the rental period. In order to avoid complaints and in case the Customer wants to extend the rental period for a time limit beyond that referred on the Agreement, the Customer shall send — if granted permission by A.C. Cymbron, S.A. — the amount corresponding to the extension of the rental period 48 hours before expiry of the rental in progress, under penalty of being subject to legal prosecution for vehicle misuse or breach of confidence. 4. Every 24 hours equal one day of rental. 5. The minimum rental period is 1 day.

CLAUSE 7 RETURNING THE VEHICLE 1. Besides being obliged to return the vehicle in the same state in which it was delivered, when the rental period is done, the Customer undertakes not abandoning the vehicle. 2. The rental period ends in the day and location referred in the Agreement signed by the Customer.

CLAUSE 8 LIABILITIES 1. During the rental period, the Customer is always responsible for any damages the vehicle may have suffered in the interior and remaining parts of the vehicle, except in cases covered by insurance. 2. The Customer is the sole responsible for fines, misdemeanours and legal proceedings against themselves, documents and keys of the vehicle. The loss of documents and/or keys of the vehicle during the rental period shall lead to a charge of 200,00€ (two hundred Euros) for replacement of lost items. 3. A.C. Cymbron, S.A. is not liable for any type of objects or possessions stolen, forgotten or lost inside the vehicle.

CLAUSE 9 APPROVED MANDATORY CAR SEATS FOR CHILDREN 1. In case the vehicle is used for the transportation of children under 3 years of age or older, but that are not taller than 150 centimetres, the Customer must report the case to A.C. Cymbron, S.A. so that the corresponding approved mandatory car seat is supplied, with the prepayment of the corresponding rental charge, according to the child’s (or person concerned) weight and height; the car seat SHALL NOT BE INSTALLED IN THE VEHICLE. 2. The installation of the child’s car seat is always a responsibility of the Customer.

CLAUSE 10 LEGISLATION APPLICABLE AND COMPETENT JURISDICTION 1. The current Agreement shall be subject to the Portuguese legislation. 2. A.C. Cymbron, S.A. declares the will to achieve an amicable solution in case of disputes. If such a solution is not possible, any dispute arising between A.C. Cymbron, S.A. and the Customer shall be subject to the competent jurisdiction of the ‘Tribunal Judicial da Comarca dos Açores– Instância de Ponta Delgada’ [Judicial Tribunal of the Azores District – Judicial Body of Ponta Delgada].

CLAUSE 11 VALIDITY OF THE RENTAL Any and all amendments to the terms and conditions of the present Agreement that have not been written down are not considered valid.

CLAUSE 12 PRIVACY POLICY The treatment of your data is done according to the laws of personal data protection, The data will be subject to processing and will be store in EASYRENT’s database and are exclusively meant to the registration and fullfillment of the contracted services. In the terms of the law the user has the right to access, change and delete any data that belongs directly to him, personally, ou by written request, sent directly to the EASYRENT e-mail

CLAUSE 13 TRANSLATION The translations of these General Conditions for Rental are merely informative and do not have a legal bonding in the totality of their wording; the only version legally valid is the Portuguese version.